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I pulled this plant out of a dumpster. I used to work at a flower shop and when I took the garbage out one day I noticed about 10 of these in the garbage. I pulled them all out and put them on top of the dumpster. I couldn’t believe they we’re throwing all these living plants away. I didn’t know what to do. I stashed a couple behing the dumpster to take home later and stared at the rest thinking of a solution. Then, a very friendly man pulled his car over and asked if i was throwing these plants away. I told him that I really didn’t want to and was torn about what to do. This kind soul took about seven of them home in his car with him. I took the remaining two home and now only have one. (my aunt has the other). This also plant went through the additional hardship of having a massive mealy bug infestation, which is probably why it was thrown out. I picked all of these off with a pair of forceps and treated them with a little bit of soap. Since then the mealybugs haven’t been a problem. One final disaster did befall this plant however. While I was looking at it a while back i was overcome with light headedness and passed out. In the process of passing out I knocked this poor little guy over and broke several of it’s stocks. After that it stopped praying for a while and needless to say I felt very bad about the whole thing. However, it is now recovering and producing new leaves. This plant has had a hard life but I really like it and am quite glad it is doing well now.

This planting is in the My friendly garden .

Gift from a dumpster.

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Plant Prayer plant Calathea amabilis 30


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