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Alpine Strawberry    

I found this plant growing by itself all randomly in the back corner of my house, in the crevice between the concrete porch and the wooden fence where there’s a thin little patch of dirt. AMAZING. At first I thought it was that other plant that LOOKS like strawberries…. well, actually, I dunno, I guess it still could be. I’ve kinda been eating the fruit all this time though, I hope they’re edible :P

I sowed alpine strawberry plants something like 3 years ago in containers, and out of something like 8 seeds, only one germinated. I kept that plant alive for 3 years, but one day it died (I’m sure it was my fault somehow, but I couldn’t figure out what I did.)

So my question is… where the hell did this one come from. Did I drop some seeds accidentally and one get blown into the dirt crevice where it patiently waited to grow in the shadows? Did the one plant I keep alive somehow spread seeds? Nature is so mysterious. In any case, I moved this plant when it was younger to its own container with the hopes of longer preservation.

This planting is in the container garden.

volunteer (it just appeared in my garden!)

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Quantity: 1

Plant Alpine strawberry Fragaria vesca spp. alpina 604
Variety Mignonette 99


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