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Carrot 'Rainbow Hybrid'

4 rows, by blackberries, started under cardboard (to keep the soil moist to facilitate germination)

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Plant Carrot Daucus carota subsp. sativus 7931



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How do they manage to grow if they are under cardboard? :)

Posted on 08 Mar 13 (over 6 years ago)

LOL – OK, wise guy, I’ve updated the text above to reflect that they were STARTED under cardboard. We were having hot, dry weather at the time, so I put weighted/moistened cardboard on the soil surface to prevent the soil from drying out.

Posted on 08 Mar 13 (over 6 years ago)

TY for clarifying. :) Honestly I didn’t wanna be a wise guy, I REALLY wanted to know how to “grow carrots under cardboard” beginning in mid-August.
I briefly envisioned you’d built a lean-to shelter out of cardboard, to shade the carrot seeds, but something in my intuition said that wasn’t what you meant. So I asked.

OK so step 1 after sowing the carrots is wet a piece of cardboard till the cardboard is soaked, then put the wet cardboard over the soil where the carrots were sown. Right?

Then am I correct in interpreting Step2 is put weights over the cardboard… What happens if you don’t weigh the cardboard down?

And, equally important is the mysterious but critical Step3: How to know when is the right time to remove the cardboard from the carrot seeds or seedlings?

I had never heard of your cardboard technique for starting seeds before. As you said in your response… It’s really hot & dry in mid-August. So when I saw that you successfully harvested a cool-weather veg which was sown in mid- August I was DYING to know how it’s done! :)

Posted on 13 Mar 13 (over 6 years ago)

Oops – sorry – sometimes it’s hard to accurately perceive someone’s tone over the internet. I thought that you were just joking around, not actually interested in how I used the cardboard.
This was my first time using cardboard to help keep the soil moist for seeds in hot/dry weather, and it worked pretty well. The problem with cardboard mulch is that it dries out relatively quickly, and when dry can easily blow away (causing damage to young seedlings as it is blown along the ground). So I overlapped relatively large pieces of cardboard after soaking them thoroughly with a hose, and weighted down intersection points and edges with bricks. I watered the cardboard daily, to keep it and the soil beneath it moist, and lifted a corner of the cardboard each day to check for sprouts. As soon as there were a reasonable number of sprouts (not just 1-2), I removed the cardboard and continued watering daily for a couple of weeks to enable the baby carrots to set deep roots. After that, I watered about twice a week as needed. It worked pretty well, and I enjoyed harvesting carrots last fall. :)

Posted on 13 Mar 13 (over 6 years ago)

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