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Basil 'Opal'     

Sown in the greenhouse. Grew very easily. Still going into November.

DARK OPAL was developed in the 50′s at the University of Connecticut (thank you Wikipedia). Mine isn’t as dark as Red Rubin. There are hints of green and a few of the seedlings came up plain green. It is definitely more of a uniform colour than Purple Ruffles. The taste is fairly strong and the seedlings seem sturdy. It is very pretty – but I think that I like the Red Rubin better for taste & looks so far. The purple in basils is from anthocyanins, the same thing that tomato breeders are working with to create “blue” tomatoes! I think that I am going to try working with basil crosses next year. I am just hoping to save seed from all of the favourites this year!

This planting has been archived (Died).

Sown from my Basil 'Opal' Seeds.

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Plant Basil Ocimum basilicum 8026
Variety Dark Opal 197


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  • 05 May 2012

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