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FROM FOLIA WIKI…..Comfrey fertilizer: With its’ high levels of potash comfrey tea can be used as an excellent fertilizer for tomato, pepper, cucumber and potato plants. The smell while it is “cooking” is strong. Pick a good sized handful of leaves. Place them in a container with enough water to cover the leaves. Cover and let this cook for 4 weeks in cool weather or 2 weeks in hot weather. Then squeeze the leaves to extract as much juice as possible Strain and use at a rate of 1/3 cup 0f comfrey juice to one gallon of water Use as a foliar feed and soil drench around the plants. Put the solid wastes into the compost pile.

This planting is in the SCATTERED FRIENDS garden .

Gift from Rani .

Latest Milestone Blooming

Quantity: 6

Plant Common Comfrey Symphytum officinale 199


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