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Perennial, Gloriosa Daisy     

There are two kinds of “Black-Eyed Susans” in our yard. One is the perennial Rubeckia fulgida ’Goldstrum", a well-behaved perennial, more often called Black-Eyed Susan.

And then there is this, Rubeckia hirta, the free-seeing biennial native that is forming dense patches that push out other plants. Because if there is an thuggish version of any plant, my mother has it in this yard! This one is called Gloriosa Daisy, and also Black-eyed Susan by many, including my mother.

There are large dense patches across the front of the Front Steps sun and shade beds, in front of the Front Porch, on the side of the Front Corner, and developing in the North Side bed. These needs thinning and/or moving

Considering establishing a bed of them in the North Side and along the south fenceline, where there is little but ivy. Dig out all the rest. Deadheading will help control them.

This planting is in the Front Steps Sun garden .

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