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Crepe Myrtle "Catawba"      

Starting to bloom 7/15/12. Blooming is ending 9/13/12.@60 days for 2012. ⅓ trees w/ leaf buds on 4/9/13. 3/3 leafing out 4/11. 1 tree starting to show powdery mildew. A lot of powdery mildew at tips 6/10. Flower buds coming 6/12/13. Starting to bloom 6/20. Shedding bark 7/17. Blooms slowing a bit 7/28. Done blooming 9/24= @95 days for 2013. Starting to make flower buds on 5/27/14. 1st flower on 6/10. Flowers are slowing by 7/4 and bark is shedding. Bloomed 6/10-9/20ish = 100+ days for 2014. Cut back very severely and produced almost no flowers in 2016. ⅔ have somewhat recovered- ⅓ has not come back: much shorter than others; not very robust as of 4/6/17. All trees starting to bloom 6/12. Very sparse blooms 6/26.

This planting is in the Vegetable Bed 2 garden .

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Plant Crepe myrtle Lagerstroemia 139
Variety Catawba 8



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