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Wild bergamot     

I raised these from seed in 2007. They grow very fast, even in my shady border :) They haven’t flowered yet, but the leaves have a great smell (like earl grey tea). I’m hoping for a few flowers next year.
Wikipedia says that Citrus bergamia is used for making earl grey tea, but that Monarda fistulosa is very similar in smell to Citrus bergamia.
In 2008 I got quite a few flowers! This is some info for propagation (
Propagation by seeds: Sow seeds in flats during January and stored in a greenhouse are expected to germinate in one to two weeks. The soil mix can be one-third sand and two-thirds commercial plug mix. Apply a starter fertilizer solution for the seedlings. Water flats when the soil surface is dry to the touch. Keep the seedlings in the flats for 6-7 weeks, and then transplant them to 3-inch pots. Continue to water seedlings when the surface is dry to the touch. Pinch off the tops of the plants several times during the growing season to encourage branching and bushier grow habit. Apply a weekly application of an all-purpose fertilizer for the transplants. When the roots fill the container (about 2 months) they are ready for outplanting in the garden. Plant seedlings in a sunny, weed-free well-drained soil, one and one-half to two feet apart. Water, until rains come. Seeds can also be broadcast on a weed-free surface from January to mid-May in sunny locations. Once the seeds germinate seedlings should be watered during extended dry period. During the first summer of full growth mow the area 3 to 5 times to keep the plants between 8 and 4 inches tall. Mowing also reduces weeds.
Propagation by cuttings: ":Take stem tip cuttings, 3-4 inches long, any time from May to August. Remove the lower leaves and all flower or seed heads and insert the stems into a sand and perlite-rooting medium. Bury each cutting up to the first node. Place the cuttings in an enclosed area and mist them several times a day. In 4 to 5 weeks the cuttings should be well rooted and can be transplanted to pots. Then outplant the plants in the garden in the early autumn.

This planting is in the Shady Herb & Shrub garden .

Purchased from De Bolster

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Plant Wild bergamot Monarda fistulosa 121


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Wild bergamot cuttings      Wild bergamot cuttings

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