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Rose "Gertrude Jekyll"      

This is an absolutely glorious frilly/girly tart of a Rose. “Pink” doesn’t even begin to describe her! She also has the advantage of an “old-fashioned rose scent”. Apparently the “Nation’s Favourite Rose”, I’m very fond of her as well. She has suffered enormous abuse in the years since I acquired her (chiefly an inability to prune her, 3 devastating whitefly attacks and at least 2 years where I didn’t fertilise at all). Despite all this she is now ensconced in the “forever garden” (which we moved to in in August 2015). She’s had a little love (ok, blood, fish + bone) sprinkled about, and a little haircut (think short back + sides), and is looking ridiculously smug about it all. Despite the huge amounts of ground I could put her in, she remains in her original glazed grey/green pot

This planting is in the Container Flowers garden .


Latest Milestone Budding

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Plant Rose Rosa 3253



  • Bloom_day_2012_jul

Care Instructions

Rose 'Gertrude Jekyll' normally tends to reach to a mature height of 2.00 metres [imperial: 6.50 feet] so ensure you have enough space in your garden for this plant.

Your garden has partial sun light which is ideal for Rose 'Gertrude Jekyll'.

Remember to water moderately.

Your garden's USDA Hardiness Zone (8b) is within the ideal range for Rose 'Gertrude Jekyll'. The recommended range is between Zone 5 and 9.

Try to keep the ph of your soil between the range of 4.5 and 8.0 as Rose 'Gertrude Jekyll' likes to be in acidic to alkaline soil.

More information about Rose "Gertrude Jekyll" is available in the Folia gardener's wiki. All Rose "Gertrude Jekyll" Care Instructions have been kindly provided by our members.

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  • 31 Mar 2014

    Budding day 730

    Needed some spray for the aphids!

  • 22 Aug 2012

    Budding day 144

    hasn’t responded too well to the pruning, but this looks like it’s the start of a second flush

  • 15 Jul 2012

    Blooming day 106

    Final flower for Bloom Day!

  • 08 Jul 2012

    Pruning day 99

  • 14 Jun 2012

    Blooming day 75

    And I’ve counted another 18 buds!

  • 01 Jun 2012

    Blooming day 62

  • 20 May 2012

    Budding day 50

  • 31 Mar 2012

    Purchased day 0


She’s exquisite!

Posted on 15 Jul 12 (over 4 years ago)

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