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Tomato 'Earl's Faux'    

Sowed another 1 seed March 19th. Got 1 seed to germinate. It grew fairly quickly after a bit of a slow start. PL. Planted out June 10th. July 1st – a very tall plant with lots of flowers. Chin high by September. Very tall plant.
Taste Test: August 30th Found by Earl Cadenhead of Tomatoville. Biggest tomato of today’s taste test. Russ liked Ben Gantz better – but I LOVED this one. Complex taste. Sweet with a tang. Rich, classic tomato taste. Outstanding. RATING: Russ 8 Me 9

This planting has been archived (Died).

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Quantity: 2

Plant Tomato Solanum lycopersicum 38393
Variety Earl's Faux 14


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  • 29 Aug 2012

    Harvesting day 186

    Loved this one. Complex taste. Rich classic sweet&tang balance.RATING: Hubby 8 Me 9

    1.0 x item

  • 09 Jun 2012

    Planting Out day 105

  • 05 Mar 2012

    Sprouting day 9

    1 on March 4th.

  • 25 Feb 2012

    Sown day 0


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