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Pear 'Keiffer'

$17 / 3.7 gallon pot / Simpson Nurseries, Monticello, FL 32344 / via Lowes

August 2014: We had 6 pears growing on our tree when I picked these. I was reading about how to tell when to pick pears, and decided to try 2 methods. The first one involved harvesting the pears while still very firm-fleshed, refrigerating them, and then putting them on the counter to ripen. The second involved leaving them on the tree to ripen. Both worked, but one of my pears left on the tree disappeared before I had a chance to harvest it – I think that birds or squirrels or other wildlife couldn’t resist a tree-ripened pear! (And there were a couple of over-ripe spots.) In both cases, itty bitty ants had invaded the core of the pears via the dimple at the base.

This planting is in the Edible Perennials garden .

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Quantity: 1

Plant European pear Pyrus communis 284
Variety keiffer 3


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