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Potato First Early 'Rocket' Tubers        

My potatoes First Early ‘Rocket’ have at long last started to sprout. I put them out in the GH on the allotment to chit on 23rd January 2011. Two weeks later we began to have some very, very cold weather & on February 6th we had about 8cm of fine powdery snow. I covered up the chitting potatoes, which were in a seedtray with a transparent plastic cover, with bubble wrap. About a week later we were forecast even lower temps & so I covered the other seedtrays, which, like the seed potatoes, were covered by transparent plastic covers & with bubble wrap, with several sheets of newspaper, to afford them that tiny extra bit of protection, which could mean the difference between life & death. The potatoes I decided to bring home till the temps got back to a more “normal” level. After 2 weeks at home they are at last showing signs of chitting!

In the 2nd of the photos you will see they are in a propagator! This was given me today by my friend, Gerry, whose allotments I have been sharing for the last 2 years. I haven’t plugged it in as yet. I haven’t got any seeds here at home at present as just yesterday I took ALL the seeds I had down to the allotment! Therefore I’ve put the seed potatoes ‘Rocket’ in it till I bring some seeds back home to put in it! I think I may use it for the F1 Tomato seeds I got in a swap a couple of weeks ago as the tomato seeds in the GH on the allotment show no signs of germinating as yet.

Purchased from Wilkinsons

Quantity: 1

Plant Potato Solanum tuberosum 3598
Variety Rocket 44


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