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Chili plant      

So far this has produced 5 chillies but does not seem to be flowering right now

This planting is in the Herb garden .


Latest Milestone Flowering

Quantity: 1

Plant Chili pepper Capsicum annuum longum group 9935


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This little chilli plant is doing an amazing job to produce chillis but it looks to be hungry in this pic! It’s probably been fed by now but just in case… when the leaves are pale like that (not dark green) they are often nitrogen deficient. When there’s not enough chlorophyll (green) in the leaves, the plant can’t produce enough energy to photosynthesize and produce fruit. I use an organic fertiliser with minerals in it like Organic Xtra and my chilli plant produces hundreds. I now have so many from the one plant that I sell them at the local market to the organic stall. Love the handmade sign. Very cute.

Posted on 18 Jan 12 (over 7 years ago)

I gave it some seasol about a week ago but I’m guessing it needs more than that I’ll be down the nursery this weekend to pick up some fertilizer. Thanks!
I was thinking maybe also it needs to be repotted to a larger pot?

Posted on 18 Jan 12 (over 7 years ago)

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