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Big beautiful flowers in August, with the grape hyacinths (?) and before the tall sedum really gets going. This is despite something chewing the leaves into ribbons…one hibiscus that was in too much shade for true happiness had it’s leaves chewed into oblivion. But the flowers are still gorgeous! If anyone has an idea what might be chewing it to pieces, I’d love to know.

2010: Okay, I think it’s sawflies, and after the cold wet spring and summer of 2009, it was pretty much chewed into oblivion. I suspect no hibiscus this year, and if it does brave our garden again, I’m going to try some diatomaceous earth on it’s leaves and cross my fingers.
My god, it grew!! no sawflies, and it even bloomed a bit. Oh, I would love to have these back…! :)

2015: Grew like a monster! Fiora planted a white one 2 years ago, near where the curly hazelnut was, and it was also very happy. Worried that I saw a few holes in the leaves, but didn’t seem to spread.

This planting is in the Front Perrenial Terrace garden .

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