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Avocado 'Wurtz'   

This tree was planted with plenty of compost in the hole and has needed to be staked because of the pruning required to shape tree and to straighten the main trunk.

Feb 2010 – Spread a good couple of handfuls of poultry manure around drip zone.

Mar – Apr 2011 – Due to the lack of fruit production last year I have spread a good couple of handfuls of fruit and flower fertiliser to see if that helps.But I will also try and improve flower pollination by introducing cut flowers within the crown..

This planting is in the Avocado and Citrus garden .

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Latest Milestone Fertilising

Quantity: 1

Plant Avocado Persea americana 327
Variety Wurtz 9


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Hi Warick

Do you find your leaves get ‘burnt’ easily? My tree had brown ends on almost all the leaves. I’ve moved it to a more sheltered spot and make sure I am watering a little but often (I believe they don’t like wet roots) – there are plenty of little flower buds so maybe its healthier than I think – just not sure why the brown tips???


Posted on 15 Sep 08 (almost 11 years ago)

Hi Blossom

I personally dont have any problems with my tree like you describe with the burnt tips, mine seems to be happy as larry..touch wood.. But its hard to say whats wrong with yours without actually seeing your plant, however if the leaves are burnt at the leaf tips then it COULD be due to a period of dryness of your soil at some stage, but you say you water a little but often..I’d try and water for longer so water gets deeper down into your soil profile it could just be that your tree is thirsty.. The problem with watering little but often it does’nt get deep enough down to water your plant..But like you say if it’s flowering you must be doing something right..

Posted on 17 Sep 08 (almost 11 years ago)

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