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Wandering Jew or Tradescantias

This is another of those plants that seem to be always with me no matter where I go! I used to grow many of these sort of plants in Spain.

Zebrina pendula has beautiful green-and-purple striped foliage, glistening with silver. Several plants of these live on top of our fridge/freezer in the kitchen.

Tradescantia albiflora is one of the most popular.‘Variegata’ is one of the most popular of hanging plants. I no longer have plants of this species but I used to have many in Spain.

Tradescantia pallida ‘Purpurea’ is a thick leaved species which I also grew in Spain but no longer have any plants here in the UK.

Tradescantia ‘fluminensis’ is a very dark green species that appeared by accident in a pot of Venus Flytrap my daughter once bought me. Unfortunately on her way to our place the bottle of cologne water she had bought & had placed in the same bag as the plant came open & the cologne water soaked the poor plant! Obviously the plant died after a few days but a few weeks later the growing tip of a plant appeared in the pot . Thinking the Venus Flytrap had managed to recover I left it in the kitchen window but what appeared a few weeks later was not the Venus Flytrap but this Tradescantia ‘fluminensis’!

1st photo: Tradescantias on top of fridge in kitchen October 2011 from cutting established in March 2011
2nd photo: Tradescantias on top of fridge in kitchen September 2009
3rd photo: Cutting potted up that resulted in the plants in the previous photo!
4th photo: Green version (T. fluminensis) of these plants seen in August 2009
5th photo: Another photo of the green plants growing under the Dragon tree.

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