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Wakehurst Yew        

The oldest yew at Wakehurst is being looked after more carefully, the soil has been renewed around its roots and the other trees around it have been cut back to give it more light. It has begun new growth along its branches giving it a strange bristley appearance.

There were quite a few bright red berries in the ground under the tree. Yews are either male of female trees

I’m sure it has sprouted! I suppose it has a long period of dormancy this is its second spring and winter before germinating

June 2013 spindly looking shoot has appeared, its a bit yellow but definately a yew!
07.10.13 I pulled it up and added a bit of fresh compost and pushed it back in the same pot. Slow to grow and still looks frail. Put it in the cold frame for the winter
20.04.14 It looks better and has survived its first winter
13.02.17 This is not looking very well, I think it may have dried out towards the end of last summer, but it is still alive, just not a very nice colour

This planting is in the Growing a Forest garden .

Sown from my Wakehurst Yew Seeds.

Latest Milestone Showing True Leaves

Quantity: 1

Plant European yew Taxus baccata 12


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