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Strawberry Barrel        

I have a large blue plastic barrel with big holes drilled in the side. It was left in our garden by the previous owners. At one stage I tried growing potatoes in it but not very successfully. Eventually I tipped out the soil which was not a potting mix, just garden soil.
Then it languished for a few years, sometimes serving as a rubbish bin when we had barbecues.
This year I reclaimed it as i had decided it would make a good strawberry barrel.
Last week I planted some strawberry runners into it. There is still room for many more.
One of the plants I got from an op-shop, variety unknown, but the saleslady assured me that the lady who donated it always has lovely strawberries.
I planted a few runners of my Red Gauntlet strawberry as I don’t want to lose it in the garden amongst the other varieties I have there.
I have since added 4 plants of Camino Real and 4 Pajero plants.
I’ve labelled each plant by writing on the barrel with permanent marker pen.

This planting is in the Container garden .


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Plant Strawberry Fragaria x ananassa 2804


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