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Lamb's Ear   

I picked these up from someone dividing their plentiful crop. And I can see why. These are vigorous spreaders, but nowhere near the evil plant people make them out to be. I started this bunch with a cluster the size of a 4" pot and it’s spread to cover half of a 12" pot in 3 months. Moderate growing, from where I sit. Piece of cake.

The reason I wanted these is for the students. So I planted them in a pot that’s at the right level for a 3+ year old. Their parents encourage them to touch and their eyes get real wide, you can just see the wheels spinning. Some are afraid that someone is going to yell at them, they look around and I sometimes have to reassure them it’s ok. A few just won’t believe me. Eventually they’ll get it.

Everyone comes by at least once and touches them. Considering, they are surprisingly durable.

This planting is in the Courtyard garden .


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Plant Lamb's ears Stachys byzantina 170


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