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Snail Flower Vine

(Vigna caracalla) Grown by Thomas Jefferson at Monticello. Originally discovered growing in Caracas, Venezuela. Beautiful spiral-shaped pale purple flowers with cream and yellow markings, very fragrant. Vines in tropical regions can reach 20’. Can be successfully grown in pots with adequate support. Very easy to overwinter indoors with numerous blooms the second season. Tender vine grown as a perennial in the South and an annual in the North.

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Care Instructions

Corkscrew vine 'Vigna caracalla' normally grows to a mature height of 3.00 metres (that's 9.75 feet imperial) so ensure you have enough space in your garden for this plant.

Corkscrew vine 'Vigna caracalla' likes a position of full sun light, which is a perfect fit for your garden.

Remember to water moderately.

Your garden's USDA Hardiness Zone (4b) is not within the ideal known range for Corkscrew vine 'Vigna caracalla'. The recommended range is between Zone 8 and 11. You may have to reassess this planting for suitability in your garden.

Corkscrew vine 'Vigna caracalla' requires a soil ph of 5.5 - 8.0 meaning it does best in acidic to alkaline soil.

More information about Snail Flower Vine is available in the Folia gardener's wiki. All Snail Flower Vine Care Instructions have been kindly provided by our members.

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Did you grow this from seed? Likewise, do you use a particular method when growing it? I’ve tried several times but can’t seem to get this vine going :)

Posted on 18 Jan 12 (almost 4 years ago)


Folia Helper

United States4b

I bought the plants 2 years ago and it seems to thrive on neglect. Takes a year for it to start blooming properly. No fertilizer, been in the same potting soil for 2 years, sits outside in the summer and get watered occasionally. Loses its leave when I bring in the winter and looks like it’s dying but it comes back fine.

Posted on 18 Jan 12 (almost 4 years ago)

Such a brilliant flower! Love it. Wish I had it.

Posted on 15 Feb 12 (almost 4 years ago)

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