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Lemon 'Pink lemon'    

This Variegated Pink Lemon tree is planted in a 21" wide pot. They are supposed to do well in pots and since we haven’t decided yet if we are going to stay in this house or buy another, I decided to keep it in a pot.

This is a smaller variety of lemon tree, which is supposed to have the tartness of the lemons you buy in the grocery store (unlike the Meyer), but still has thorns. This is a variety that is supposed to do well in Miami (FL) and is still a good cooking and lemonade lemon, without too many seeds. This is a type of Eureka lemon that is well suited to my 10B zone. The second picture shows my first baby (tiny) lemon!
Besides the fact that this is a plant with a good tartness, doesn’t have many seeds, should produce abundantly and won’t take up a lot of room in my yard (once it’s planted), I am really looking forward to seeing a full grown lemon.

They are described as being a tigerlike yellow with green stripes on the outside and orangy-pink on the inside. When they are younger the lemons are more greenish. As they mature, they become more yellowish. The 3rd & 4th pictures, I found on the internet.

One thing to note, I had nothing to do between two appointments with clients, and I noticed there was a Walmart (by Miami International Airport) with a big outdoor tent, since their normal garden department was under construction. I like checking out any garden centers that I see, so I went in to take a look. The garden center wasn’t that impressive, probably because it is summer and their normal garden center was undergoing renovations, but I did see that they had several one gallon citrus trees on sale for $ 11.00. This is smaller than I would normally buy, but it was a bargain and the plant has really taken off since being planted in a larger pot. I love when I find something that seems like it is JUST WHAT I WAS LOOKING FOR and then I get it at a BARGAIN PRICE! I was a good day!

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