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Peas - Wando

Germinating seeds a different way this time, they are sitting in little JellO shot cups on wet paper towels. 5/23/11
Transplanted into Jello Shot Cup of dirt and watered with michorizae water. 5/27/11

Transplanted into ground TOO LATE but hoping it will still work and that they take to the ground tonight. We transplanted them into the ground in between the corn. Knowing that ’companion planting exists, we decided it was better to get them into the ground at this point and risk it than lose the plants all together.
The soil that the peas were Transplanted into is from the Farm put into a winebox currently holding other peas in our backyard in the city. Current weather 104deg, tomorrow is supposed to be 106….may our efforts save our plants. 6/21/11

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Plant Pea Pisum sativum 3374
Variety Wando 128


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