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baby whale spinach left in container

so i planted several medium-sized black plastic pots with baby whale spinach seeds. at least one seedling came up in all of them except one, and several had two. a couple of the seedlings were so flopsy and fragile that i crushed them while trying to transplant them into the ground, but i ended up with four in the ground and left two of the containers as they were. the total is 7 plants, although one of the 3 left in the containers is kinda puny and shrivelly looking.

honestly, i can’t recall where these seeds came from, but i don’t think it was the berkeley horticultural center… hmmmm….

This planting is in the Bye-bye blackberries (for now) garden .


Latest Milestone Dying

Quantity: 2

Plant Spinach Spinacia oleracea 4328
Variety Baby Whale 6


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