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Sunflower 'Eclipse'

I got these seed from Andrew. and planted three of them in the most sunny position.

Medicinal Properties:
The seeds have diuretic and expectorant properties and have been employed with success in the treatment of bronchial, laryngeal and pulmonary affections, coughs and colds, also in whooping cough.

The following preparation is recommended: Boil 2 OZ. of the seeds in 1 quart of water, down to 12 OZ. and then strain. Add 6 OZ. of good Holland gin and 6 OZ. of sugar. Give in doses of 1 to 2 teaspoonsful, three or four times a day.

The oil possesses similar properties and may be given in doses of 10 to 15 drops or more, two or three times a day.

A tincture of the Howers and leaves has been recommended in combination with balsamics in the treatment of bronchiectasis.

The seeds, if browned in the oven and then made into an infusion are admirable for the relief of whooping cough.

Tincture of Helianthus has been used in Russia. Kazatchkoft says that in the Caucasus the inhabitants employ the Sunflower in malarial fever. The leaves are spread upon a bed covered with a cloth, moistened with warm milk and then the patient is wrapped up in it. Perspiration is produced and this process is repeated every day until the fever has ceased.

A tincture prepared from the seed with rectified spirit of wine is useful for intermittent fevers and ague, instead of quinine. It has been employed thus in Turkey and Persia, where quinine and arsenic have failed, being free from any of the inconveniences which often arise from giving large quantities of the other drugs.

The leaves are utilized in herb tobaccos.

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keep ’em up Herb! Many seeds to come from these means many cups of cough relieving tea …

Posted on 01 Oct 07 (over 11 years ago)

I can’t wait till they flower. I’ll certainly save you some seeds but I’ll be eating most of them.

Posted on 01 Oct 07 (over 11 years ago)

These are beautiful! My little girl just saw a Sunflower cut the other day at a store and flipped at how large they were :) Are they easy to grow? I’d love to start one for her :) Gotta love the reaction from little ones :) And thanks for mentioning the medicinal purposes I had no idea!

Posted on 20 Mar 08 (about 11 years ago)

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