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Herb, Bloody Sorrel

Planted two of these near the boulder a few years ago, but they didn’t do well. Too shaded by the maple, I think. But they have tap roots, so I don’t know if they will survive a move. I love the big plants I see at nurseries, so I guess it’s worth a try.

Moved: Apr 17 2012 into deep pots in the backyard. Left some behind, in case they die. May 20: Recovering well. Fall: Did very well. Might replant them in the ground in the new front yard bed.

2013: Both appeared to have died over the winter. Later in the summer, one came back, much reduced. Will try to shelter it more this winter,

This planting is in the Herb garden .

Purchased from Glick's Greenhouse

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Plant Red-veined dock Rumex sanguineus 76


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