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I have 2 of these cool plants. As shown in the first pic, the one on the table has leaves that are green in the middle and yellow on the outside. The one on the porch floor in the pot is yellow in the middle and green on the outside. I think I like that one better. I saw the huge mother plant, with tons of baby plants hanging off of it, at Bokay Nursery in Salinas (Sept of 2009). The lady that worked there saw me admiring it and we talked for a while about it’s beauty. I had already a bunch of plants that I was buying, so I passed on buying that beautiful spider plant. After I made my purchases, I was already in my car and about to leave when the lady came out and handed me one of the babies. I was so happy and thanked her many times. =D

The other plant, I saved from a little grocery store in Kingsburg (Feb of 2010). It was in very poor condition, but once I got it home, I repotted it and it was much happier. =)

In this pic, the baby plant I got from the lady at the nursery has already grown to almost the same size as the one on the table. O.o

This planting is in the Herb garden .

Purchased from Bokay Nursery

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Quantity: 2

Plant Spider plant Chlorophytum comosum 282
Variety Variegatum 69


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