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Tomato, Black Krim     

Sown January 14, 2011, transplanted into raised beds March 17, 2011.

Raised beds were built summer of 2010, with a homemade mix of topsoil, verimiculite, peat moss, cotton burr compost, composted cow manure, mushroom compost, composted forest humus, blood and bone meal, soft rock phosphate, and Garden-Tone.

Spring 2011 bed was tilled, weeded and amended with new compost (composted cow manure and Earth’s Best organic compost), blood and bone meal, Texas greensand, Garden-Tone, earthworm castings, and alfalfa meal one month before transplanting.

Beds are fed once a month with Plant-Tone, Nature’s Guide Tomato and Pepper food and earthworm castings, and plants are foliar-fed twice a month with diluted seaweed extract and emulsified fish fertilizer.

This planting has been archived (Died).

Sown from my Tomato, Black Krim Seeds.

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Quantity: 1

Plant Tomato Solanum lycopersicum 38236
Variety Black Krim 717


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  • 14 Jan 2011

    Sown day 0


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