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I like salad, but I’m bad at keeping greens on hand. I can’t plan my life that reliably. I also hate the thing where you have to buy a whole head of the same lettuce and eat it for a while. So, I’m growing a mesclun mix to cut from when I feel like salad.

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totally agreed. i often used to buy butter lettuce heads from the supermarket only to nibble at the edges and leave it to wilt in the back of the fridge. gardener foraging for a few leaves sounds much more exciting!

Posted on 16 Aug 08 (about 11 years ago)


Folia Helper

United States5b

I had the same issue with store bought lettuce wilting before I could get to all of it. I’m not sure why, but I feel like I have to eat the greens in the garden before their time is up but I never felt compelled to eat the entire head of lettuce from the store.

Posted on 17 Aug 08 (about 11 years ago)

it’s easier to keep the other leaves fresh too when they’re still attached to the roots, the soil and the fresh air. who knows how long since it was havested when you buy them in the shops.

talking about lettuce always makes me think of a story about a school-class burger experiment from a certain international fast food chain. the burger was left at room temperature in the class, exposed to everything that floats around your average school-kid germ-ridden ;) room. After two weeks the lettuce started to wilt – that is all. Blerrgh.

Posted on 18 Aug 08 (about 11 years ago)


Folia Helper

United States5b

No kidding. I think when I saw that scene from fast food nation was about when I started making my own bread.

Posted on 18 Aug 08 (about 11 years ago)

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