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Banana Shrub

A gift from my mom – I’d actually asked her to stop by the local nursery just to see if they had any and well, I guess they did (^_^)
I’ve read quite a bit about this shrub and none of it has brought me any closer to understanding just how to care for it. My initial desire to have it was as a fragrant houseplant but I’d read that the sun is what gives the flowers their fragrance. They are hardy to zone 7-8 which is me, 8, so I assume that the right frost would either seriously damage the plant or kill it. bummer.

So, it will reside in a container in dappled light since, as rumor has it, too much sun will burn it. Oh right – also put charcoal in the bottom of the container to keep from salt build up which will yellow and eventually kill the leaves – if they start turning yellow then reportedly, the plant needs a “flush”

We’re working on the floor which is why it looks like a warehouse :)

This planting is in the Flower & Ornamental garden .

Gift from The mom unit.

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It’s true that the flowers of this will have no fragrance if the plant does not get adequate sunlight. Also, for some people, this won’t even bloom when pot-grown. But perhaps you can get it to bloom in a pot. Just because I didn’t ever hear of it happening does not mean it cannot happen :)

Posted on 11 Apr 11 (about 8 years ago)

I am planning to leave it outside most of the year, only dragging it in during the winter and while it’s in bloom, assuming it does that under the conditions I’ll provide it. Right now (in those pics) it’s not actually planted in that ceramic pot – it’s still in the nursery’s little black pot. I didn’t want to risk losing out on some blooms by repotting it just yet. Only time will tell, hopefully this time next year we’ll have some more flowers :)

Posted on 11 Apr 11 (about 8 years ago)

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