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These are “wild roses”. They are probably rugosas, but I have no idea what variety. One of them was propagated from a slip I took off a beach on Lake Superior about 4 years ago, so is probably a Rosa acicularis.
The rest? Who knows?

This planting is in the Backyard garden .


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Plant Rugosa rose Rosa rugosa 105


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Hi there this could well be R ‘Dupontii’ or Snowbush Rose. I,m simply going by the blooms and the general appearance. Hope you don’t mind but I have also browsed your other photos and you have one with a caption asking ‘What is this flower’ I think it said well I believe that its an Aquilegia. There are literally dozens of different colours and sizes and will self seed but normally return to purple when this occurs…knowlesie

Posted on 16 Jul 08 (about 11 years ago)

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