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Purpleleaf Sand Cherry   

One of my favorite heralds of Spring is the pale pink blossoms of the purple leaf sand cherry tree. Cherry blossoms are so pretty, and when they fall they form a thin blanket of pink ‘snow’ on the ground underneath. Year-round, the tree’s burgundy leaves are a colorful change from traditional green yard foliage. In June/July, we even get some cherry fruits (though just a few on the whole tree). I leave them for the birds to fight over. :)

It has some little holes eaten through its leaves; I think it might be some sort of grub or Japanese beetle but am not sure how to treat it. I’ve seen powder for this, but am not sure how to sprinkle pest powder on a tree that’s higher than my roof. Any ideas??

This planting is in the south planter garden .

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Plant Purpleleaf Sand Cherry Prunus x cistena 39


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