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Allstar and Ozark Beauty strawberry plants were planted in a VERY QUICK lasagna bed made from cardboard, weeds, sawdust, compost, Starbucks coffee grounds, manure and compost. Since it is so late in our season for strawberries, I’m picking off any developing strawberries, so that I can multiply the plants for the next growing season.

I litterally jumped in my car and went to gather the things I needed to put this bed together and was back within about an hour. The only costs involved were for the wood and a couple bags of composted cow manure. I only bought the cow manure, because I didn’t want to take the time to go get free horse manure at rush hour.

I had made the frame in the morning, before I went to meet with clients and put some flattened out cardboard underneath. It all took about 15 minutes. When I got home that day I went and collected the items that I mentioned above and started layering things, but before that, I wet the cardboard.

As it was getting dark, I finished layering everything with the help of my two little helpers, then planted the the strawberries. I also planted onions around the strawberries as a companion plant.

This planting is in the Strawberry Lasagna Bed garden .

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Plant Strawberry Fragaria x ananassa 2824


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  • 18 Feb 2011

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