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2/11: This little plant has never done well. Leaves are very yellow and has grown very little in the year since we planted it. Need to get it more nitrogen. Haven’t figured out a good organic OMRI listed citrus fertilizer that’s not made from animal products. Try urine? Manure?

Fall 2011: it’s doing a lot better.Green healthy leaves.No limes this year but looking good for next year. I mulched it heavily with manure and bedding and have been regularly feeding it with whey. Responding well.

1/1/13: Plant still hanging in there. We have it covered at night this week because of temps in the upper 20s and low 30s. No fruit in 2012. Not clear if the growth is from root stock.

2/23/13: Transplanted to a pot and put in greenhouse along with a new lime purchased from Four Winds. Put a Washington Navel where this lime had been in the orchard — the navel is a little more cold hardy than the lime. Will keep the lime in a pot (assuming it survives and that its growth is actually from the graft and not the rootstock), move it into the greenhouse in winter to protect from freezing.

This planting is in the Greenhouse garden .

Purchased from Four Winds Growers

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Plant Key lime Citrus aurantifolia 114


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