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I think 30 of these will be a good start. I was in Wal-mart and found their very first plant offerings of the season. They were in a warehouse area (the greenhouse had been their storage area but was open if you want to call it that, and there were supposed to be 10 in a bag. This one had over 30 fresh pretty strawberry sprouts! I have read that 60 is good for a start, so for us I think 30 will be good. Turns out my son and I are the only ones who will be eating them. My daughter (3) says she doesn’t like them right now and neither does my DH.

There are more than in the picture. I found another cup after taking the pic. It has even nicer sprouts! Now I just have to figure out where to plant these. They are in water right now. I think I need a nice planter and will hope they will transfer to the square foot garden next.

Thats my little strawberry story. Let me know if anyone out there has any idea what to do with strawberries in February in zone 5a… Will water work for much longer?

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They are pretty tiny for bareroots. Wrap them in paper towels and keep them moist. They will keep as long as they’re dipped in water every few days. I have kept bareroots for two months before. If you are really concerned about it, you can pot them up in containers. Either way they will need to be fed (fertilizer solution with high Nitrogen & Sulfur) if you’re going to wait more than 30 days. I use 17-6-6 with a 14% Sulfur Content (Jack’s Classic Acid Special)

Keep in mind, that plants will multiply like crazy with runners. I started out with 75 plants in 2009, and have over 3,500 currently by propagating runners. There’s some good info on setting up your first bed on proper spacing, Ph, irrigation, etc.

Posted on 15 Feb 11 (over 8 years ago)

Thanks for the comments Hotwired. I read your bio and am amazed at your ingenuity with your watering system and combining technology with your gardening.

I went ahead and potted the the strawberries already, so Hopefully I will have something take off and can propagate the runners like you suggested, but… some of them are already falling over and dying. The ones i potted right away are doing great but sadly I have lost 80 percent of the ones I had in water for a few days, and those had the better root systems too.

Posted on 15 Feb 11 (over 8 years ago)

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