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Chilli "NOT Black Pearl!"    

100% germination success with the “damp paper towel (actually a Jiffy Cloth) and a plastic bag” technique!

All of these were sprouting by 20/02/11!

One did have the seed casing stuck to it though (and I think I’ve pulled off a seed leaf by removing it: Whoops!)

3 germinated and potted up

One given to Viv on 29/03/11. One given to Jo on 24/06/11

02/08/11: Well, this Chilli growing lark is rather exciting… This is SO not Black Pearl, it’s untrue: One plant has white flowers with a purple edge (rather than deep purple), and it’s leaves/stems are distinctively green… I shall post pictures

13/08/11: I don’t have a working camera, so pictures aint happening! This chilli has small round light green chillies, whereas the black pearl has small, round deep purple chillies. The shape is exactly the same though (sort of a marble)

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Plant Chili pepper Capsicum annuum longum group 9938
Variety Black Pearl 92



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