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mystery rose      

band sent free from rogue valley roses, no idea what color etc., so planted in an out of the way place. Bloomed a lovely pale pink with a strong sweet fragrance. I moved it to replace the dead tree peony in the front border next to “The fairy”. It can make up for the fairy’s lack of scent.

Is it “allegra” ?

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Wow, gorgeous- Glad u r moving it to a more visible spot.

May be Allegra, or may only have Allegra as one of its parents.
Seems a little bit paler pink than typical of Allegra.
But if it was growing in part shade, the lower light levels could perhaps have caused it to have a pale color.

Posted on 11 Jul 11 (almost 7 years ago)

Thanks TangoFlowers! are you familiar with Allegra?

Posted on 11 Jul 11 (almost 7 years ago)

well, kinda.
have seen Allegra ‘in person’ a few times, in various private and public rose gardens but havent yet had the pleasure of growing it myself.

Posted on 11 Jul 11 (almost 7 years ago)

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