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Chilli "Lemon Drop"   

What can I say? I was buying Tomatillo seeds and there was a chilli that promises to have a strong citrus taste:

How could I resist? Of course, I need new chilli seeds like a hole in the head, but nevermind

Apparently these can be a little tricky to germinate… But I don’t call 6/7 within a week “tricky”, necessarily!

Started with 6, gave 2 away: Should have 4, but can only find 2 (as of 16/06/11): I think I may have had a labelling accident and freecycled some by mistake (instead of Aji’s, Whoops!)

Reading around… It seems that there’s some debate as to whether “Lemon Drop” is the same as “Hot Lemon” or not?. Certainly, the plants LOOK very different! “Hot Lemon” is a tall, gangly, sprawling mess, that requires enthusiastic staking, whereas “Lemon Drop” is a sturdier/more upright plant, with larger (almost Aji-like) leaves… You can see where the mislabelling may have occurred!

Over-wintered one (planned on 2, but managed to kill the other!)

December 2012: Got ou of the habit of Folia (and Gardening, for various reasons)… So haven’t been keeping count! probably got a slow/steady crop of about 35 fruits since July

March 2014: It’s still here, but now in a new house!

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Purchased from The Real Seed Company

Latest Milestone Budding

Quantity: 1

Plant Chili Capsicum baccatum 465
Variety Hot Lemon 138


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