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Zinnia Cutting Blend Pastel Shades Seeds  

Armloads of Pastel Blooms Over an “Endless Summer”!
Long-blooming, floriferous, and long-lasting in garden or vase!
Here it is — THE cutting Zinnia you want for big, beautiful bouquets all summer. The flowers range in size from 2½ to 4½ inches wide, and are exceptionally long-lasting in garden or vase. Vigorous, never-say-die plants turn an ordinary summer into an extra-long season of color!
This Pastel Shades mix treats you to seldom-seen, underappreciated colors in the Zinnia family, from pale cream to buttery yellow to softest pink, salmon, and cherry. It’s like an Easter bouquet for the 4th of July — delicate, unexpected color to liven up your dinner table and patio gathering!

Park’s Cutting Blend is the best series for cutflowers because it reblooms like crazy and lasts a long, long time indoors or out. All Zinnias are “cut-and-come-again” flowers, meaning that the faster you cut the old blooms, the quicker new ones will spring up to take their place. But our Cutting Blend takes this one step further with floriferous, very long-blooming 2- to 3-foot plants that give you an extra week or so on either end of the season, and more flowers per plant than you might have believed possible!

If you like the Pastel Shades, you must try our Full Mix, as well as the individual colors: rich Rose, Scarlet, Paper White, and honey Golden. All have the same tremendous flower power and great holding ability!

Zinnia is one of the easiest annuals to begin from seed, and is the very first flowering plant many young and new gardeners grow. What a delight! Just direct-sow the seeds into the warm soil in spring, thin the seedlings to about a foot apart, and sharpen your shears! You’ll be cutting gorgeous armloads of blooms for months to come! Pkt is 50 seeds.

Purchased from Park Seed

Quantity: 50

Plant Common zinnia Zinnia elegans 1880
Variety Mixed 70


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