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zucchini (Blackjack)

I seem to have the most luck with the “Blackjack” variety.

Admittedly, we didn’t have much luck last summer but I put that down to the heat and lack of bees. I wasn’t fit enough to pollinate the flowers so we grew lots of leaves and little else.

This season I also allowed a couple of calendulas to grow in the same bed in the hope that they will attract bees.

Dec 23: picked our first zucchini, 12ozs/375g

Dec 30: picked 2 @ 1┬Żlb/ and 2lb.

Jan 1 picked 1 @ 2lb/1kg

Jan 3 picked 2 @ 4lb/2kg and 2lb 5oz/1kg

Jan 12 picked 2 @ 5lb and 2lb

Jan 15: Not a very happy chappy. Went up to check on zooks this morning and nearly every one of picking size was rotten – even a lot of the small ones! Must be this wet & humid weather. Drat!

At least I got one which was 1kg.

This planting has been archived (Other).

Purchased from Forest Creek Nursery

Latest Milestone Harvesting

Quantity: 4

Plant Zucchini Cucurbita pepo var. cylindrica 3889
Variety Black Jack 68


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