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Chilli "Black Pearl"    

I have a passion for dramatically coloured plants. Usually it’s purple, but a chilli with black foliage and fruits that ripen to dark red has to come close!

These are apparently very hot, and like a temp of between 18-22C to germinate (so they’re in a 2 inch pot rather than a seed tray)

3 germinated and potted up, and one given to Kate on 29/03/11

16/06/11: I’m really not sure what’s gone wrong with my numbering/labelling? I seem to have 4 of these left, and have just freecycled 1… So actually have 3! 2 are in 7 inch pots, and I’ve left 1 in a 5 inch pot, because I’ve run out of space! The 2 that have been potted on have put on a visible growth spurt already (think a couple of inches in 2 days!)… Which proves the old adage that Chillies grow to the size of the pot! Truth be told, I think I’ve had many of my plants in previous years in too small pots… 8 or 9 inches really should be a minimum

And then there was one… Gave away 2 plants

02/08/11: For a week or so now, I’ve been thinking that my 2 Black Pearls are different species! 1 has solid dark purple flowers, the other has white flowers with a purple edge. The one with the purple flowers is far more consistently “Black” in terms of it’s stems and leaves (despite having the exact same amount of light as the other)

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Plant Chili pepper Capsicum annuum longum group 9940
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