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Goddard's Green Monkey Puzzel tree seeds Seeds        

I collected some of these last year but I think I left it too late, as they have to be fresh to stand the best chance of germinating. I have been keeping my eye on the Monkey Puzzel tree at Goddards Green whilst on Muddy Walk. The cones have turned brown and some have fallen off an I was able to collect a few of the woody seeds . I hope they are still fresh. Its windy today so I could see if some more have blown down later on.

In the mean time I have put these to soak for a couple of days

Collected from the wild.

Quantity: 1

Plant Monkey puzzle Araucaria araucana 16


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Goddard's Green Monkey Puzzel tree seeds         Goddard's Green Monkey Puzzel tree seeds

Araucaria araucana

Motherhen Benenden, Kent, United Kingdom Benenden, Kent, U... 24 Sep 10 23 Apr 11 (Failed to Germinate)


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