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Rose "Munstead Wood"      

The flowers are light crimson in the bud but, as the centre gradually reveals itself, it becomes a very deep velvety crimson while the outer petals remain rather lighter in colour. They are of large size and cupped at first, becoming shallowly cupped with time.

The growth is quite bushy, forming a broad shrub with good disease-resistance. The leaves are mid-green; the younger leaves being red-bronze to form a nice contrast.

There is a strong Old Rose fragrance with a fruity note. ‘Warm and fruity with blackberry, blueberry and damson’.

This arrived as a bare root on 10th November. Soaked for 4 hours and planted in a container on 13th.

This was all finished by the end of June… Am I supposed to prune it or something?

September: Well, I pruned it lightly, and all of a sudden there’s a second flush of flowers…

Just in time for the house (+ garden) move… What a lovely surprise

This planting is in the Container Flowers garden .

Purchased from David Austin Roses Ltd

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Plant Rose Rosa 3334



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misskittin Bristol, United Kingdom Bristol, United K... 16 Aug 12 07 Mar 14 (Other)


  • 17 Apr 2014

    Flowering day 1252

  • 31 Jan 2013

    Budding day 811

  • 14 Aug 2012

    Blooming day 641

    The 3rd flush…

  • 07 Aug 2012

    Budding day 634

    18 of them! Seems to have responded well to the pruning!

  • 27 Jul 2012

    Budding day 623

    And a 3rd flush…

  • 14 Jul 2012

    Blooming day 610

    Second flush just starting to unfurl

  • 07 Jul 2012

    Budding day 603

    A second flush emerging…

  • 31 May 2012

    Blooming day 566

  • 11 May 2012

    Budding day 546

  • 09 Mar 2012
    Breaking Dormancy

    Breaking Dormancy day 483

  • 14 Oct 2011

    Blooming day 336

    A final flourish…

  • 14 Sep 2011

    Blooming day 306

  • 27 Aug 2011

    Budding day 288

    Well, what a welcome surprise! Reckon it’ll flower just as we move

  • 03 Jun 2011

    Blooming day 203

    3 full flowers and masses of buds. It smells divine!

  • 03 Jun 2011

    Reviewed day 203

    Wow! This rose is exactly as described… The scent is astonishing, and the colour changes, as it goes from deep red buds to lighter blooms is beautiful. Prolific flowerer too!

    5 stars

  • 14 May 2011

    Blooming day 183

  • 24 Apr 2011

    Budding day 163

  • 08 Jan 2011

    Budding day 57

  • 12 Nov 2010

    Established day 0

  • 06 Sep 2010

    Purchased day -67


Oh wow! This is just gorgeous and the perfume sounds amazing as well.

Posted on 15 May 11 (over 8 years ago)

It opened this morning, and it really IS an old fashioned rose scent, I’ve stuck my nose in about 10 times already today! It’s sitting just outside my back door, where I do all my potting on, and the fragrance is just hanging in the air.

Posted on 15 May 11 (over 8 years ago)

The colour is stunning. I love it!

Posted on 15 Oct 11 (almost 8 years ago)

^ Me too! Flowers in May + June, and then September/October is a bonus. The current blooms don’t have quite the same “headiness” to those of early summer though (maybe because the air is colder?)

Posted on 15 Oct 11 (almost 8 years ago)

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