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Bean (Bush) Pencil Pod Wax Beans

Botanical Interests Heirloom – Warm Season Crop

$1.89 25 grams (around 65 beans)

Days To Emerge 10, Depth 1", Spacing 1 to 2", Row Spacing 3 to 4 feet, Thinning: when 1" tall, thin to 4" or 6" apart.

Not recommended to start indoors. Plant outside Spring after last frost. If weather still cool and wet, wait until it warms up. In very hot summer areas such as south and southwest, plant March for June harvest and also in August for late September harvest.

Pencil Pod is an heirloom variety that has been popular with gardeners since it was introduced in 1900. The “slim as a pencil”, curved yellow pods are 6" long, stringless, tender, and very easy to grow. Unlike green beans, these black-seeded yellow wax snap beans are easy to see among the foliage to pick quickly for dinner. Grow in the ground or in containers. Very disease resistant.

This planting is in the Backyard Veggie Pots (Sown) garden .


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