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Chilli "Bolivian Rainbow"   

2010: I have 2 versions of this chilli: I overwintered 2 plants from last year and also sowed 5 year old seeds (Heated propagator, soil temp at 23C). 4 of the 5 germinated after 8 days. First flowers on both was the last week of May. First chillies the second week of June. First red chillies the last week of July (on the overwintered) and first week of August (on this years sowing)

2011: The current Bolivian Rainbow are now on their second winter.. They were pruned back fairly hard (like you would a fuchsia), and top-dressed with fresh compost. They seem to like it, because they’re trying to flower (22/02/11)!

16/06/11: First ripe fruits (5). Plants are vigorous, and I can imaging a harvest tally stretching into the 100’s again… A shame that all this chilli is really worth (culinary wise) is drying and turning into flakes! Gorgeous ornamental though, and so easy to grow: A good “starter chilli” for someone wanting to dip their toes in the wonderful water of chillies!

I take back what I said about he only culinary use being drying: I made an experiemental batch of pickled chillies (usinf sweetened cider vinegar and a couple of garlic cloves), and these are actually rather good! I blanched them briefly, pricked with a pin all over and submerged them, before leaving for a month and trying them… Sweet, fiery and jewel bright

20/08/11: And then there was one! In preparation for the house move I have gifted one of these to my sister

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Purchased from South Devon Chilli Farm

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Plant Chili pepper Capsicum annuum longum group 9940


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Chilli "Bolivian Rainbow" Seeds    Chilli "Bolivian Rainbow" Seeds

Capsicum annuum longum group

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Wish I could give this another thumbs up! I s’pose I must be so bold as to ask if you could save some seeds for me? I hope there is something in my swap list you would like in return. <3 xxx

Posted on 08 Aug 11 (almost 8 years ago)

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