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Chilli "Cayenne"  

Year old seed. 9 planted in heated propagator (soil temp was 23C), 9 germinated, in 8 days. First flowers last week June, first fruit set about 10 days later

As of 22/02/11: 1 fruit on each of the plants still ripening, and now they’re trying to flower! No pruning back, or anything!

28/03/11. The flowers aren’t opening (too cold, I think), but that doesn’t seem to matter… 4 have set fruit! (this did involve a little “manipulation” to get the flower off!)

31/03/11: Another 4 fruit have set! Really, this is ever-so exciting

29/04/2011: The first fruit that set really aren’t looking happy. They’;ve sort of shrivelled and gone yellow. On the up side, this is now flowering profusely (the flowers are opening properly, and everything), and more fruit seems to be setting

02/08/2011: Had a downsize. Only 1/2 left!

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Plant Chili pepper Capsicum annuum longum group 9935
Variety Cayenne 461


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Nice job overwintering – did you have to do anything special?

Posted on 04 May 11 (over 8 years ago)

Nothing at all, to the Chilli and Etna: TBH, they were still growing well and had fruit ripening into January (Conservatory heated part of the time), so I just left them to get on with it. The Aji died back somewhat, so I pruned them to just above leaf nodes. They sulked for a bit, but are now putting on lots of growth, although there isn’t a sniff of a flower bud yet!

Posted on 05 May 11 (over 8 years ago)

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