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Fox Glove Tree      

Two little plants! 07.07.10
31.08.10 Gave one to Nat :)
16.01.11 Its lost its leaves, I hope its ok, still seems to be alive, keeping it dryish
20.04.10 Sprouting again!
31.05.13 Put in Gloomy Corner to adjust to outside before I find somewhere to plant it
20.08.13 Planted them out in the Lane, they have settled in well and the leaves are growing larger. I can either cut them down each year to make a large leaved plant or allow to form a tree as they are next to the hedge

This planting is in the Garden in the Lane garden .

Sown from my Fox Glove Tree Seeds.

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Plant Empress tree Paulownia tomentosa 23


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  • 09 Jun 2010

    Sown day 0


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