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This weed doesn’t appear too often. I like the blooms a lot, as they remind me of hiking, and they are very attractive to bees, but I have found out that the plants are rampant in open ground and I cant leave them be in any cultivated garden unless their companions are also thugs. I have allowed a patch to take over a small completely contained area on the new terrace, and also in the eastern semi wild area. It is always full of winged creatures.

This planting is in the here and there garden .

volunteer (it just appeared in my garden!)

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Plant Epilobium angustifolium var. intermedium Epilobium angustifolium var. intermedium 4



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Epilobium angustifolium var. intermedium

anelson Seattle WA, United States Seattle WA, Unite... 25 Feb 12 (Used Up)



This plant also has uses as a wild edible, and, if eaten in quantity, as a laxative. No big deal really- this same effect (laxative when eaten in quantity) is also true of wild dandelions, chia seeds, applesauce, and many other good, nourishing, hi fiber foods.

The young shoots of this plant are good when stir fried.
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Posted on 23 Jul 11 (almost 7 years ago)


Posted on 23 Jul 11 (almost 7 years ago)

You’re welcome :)

Posted on 23 Jul 11 (almost 7 years ago)

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