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Squash 'Butternut'     

As im still trying to clear the couch grass.. I covered the ground with plastic, cut holes 12×12 then planted through it. I have three plants with 7 squash on them …not bad considering the weather we have had!!
I had not planned on planting squash this year as i didn`t think i had room but as these were given to me by my lottie neighbour so,i had to come up with a cunning plan…

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Quantity: 1

Plant Winter squash Cucurbita moschata 1744
Variety Butternut 453


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  • 13 Jun 2007

    Sown day 0


Can you let me know what you have found the most useful thing to put under the squash to save them! Thanks

Posted on 14 Nov 07 (over 11 years ago)

Do you mean to keep them of the ground?
As i had covered the ground with plastic sheeting and planted through this they were fine but other gardeners at my allotment use plates face down and put the squash on them to keep them raised off the soil..

Posted on 14 Nov 07 (over 11 years ago)

Thanks Dee, I had noticed something purple under yours in the pic but wasnt sure that it was. However, plates certainly seem practical for my situation, off to the charity shop this weekend then. Thanks

Posted on 15 Nov 07 (over 11 years ago)

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