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Beans: Blue Lake 274 Bush - 350 plants

Planted the first two row of beans with Blue Lake 274’s. The rows are 18 feet long x 8" wide. I plant the beans about 2-1/2" apart in two rows about 4" apart. Each of the two rows were well fertilized last fall, and the soil was mixed with compost to a depth of about 6" this about 2 weeks ago. Prior to sowing, I spread about 1/2" of potting soil over the entire row, place the beans in the row with proper spacing, then cover the beans with finely screen topsoil about 1/4" thick. Although it is a little pricey and an overkill to use potting soil, I prefer this approach because I get a very high rate of germination. The rows are equipped with soaker hoses and run East-West so I get good sun, and good irrigation, which can handle that dense a layout.

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