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Ginko biloba     

2 years since Nan died. 2 years on March 19th at 12.15am. Still feels like yesterday though. Erika and I went and bought a Ginko Biloba last week. I attempted to dig a hole but the ground is too friggin hard! The plan was to plant it on the 19th and it can be Nanny Radfords tree, although it won’t get planted till I find someone to dig a hole.

There are 2 reasons for a Ginko. One being that it is the only species in it’s genus and the only genus in its family, the only family in its class and the only class in its division. So it is pretty unique, and in other words there is nothing else like it known.

The other reason is that it is known as a ‘Living fossil’ as it is the only group of plants that were known to cover the earth way back when the dinosaurs roamed. And as Nan was known as the Fossil, it seemed fitting. And yes, I have postcards and letters from her signed ‘the Fossil’. Ha ha.

They are also used in Chinese medicine, although I don’t know how or what for.

Still waiting for the hole to be dug.. It will happen eventually

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